The wish to have a baby

Should you be wishing for a baby in vain, we offer extensive infertility advise and treatment including in vitro fertilization, also known as test-tube baby.

All methods have hormone treatment in common, stimulating the ovaries to produce follicles and mature egg cells. Hormones are mostly given by injection. This means to you, that you will have to visit our surgery several times during the first half of your menstrual cycle.

Individual infertility treatment methods are:

SIO 3D Sexual intercourse at the optimal time
This method is chosen, when the Fallopian tubes are proved to be clear and functional and when the sperm quality is normal. The cause for infertility could involve the hormone status of the woman. The hormone treatment initiates ovulation and you should have sexual intercourse on a stipulated day.

IUI = Intrauterine insemination 
This method is generally applied after the first treatment using SIO has failed. The requirements are once again one or both functioning Fallopian tubes.

IVF 3D In vitro fertilization (artificial insemination) 
In case of problems with the Fallopian tubes (both removed or blocked, non-functional Fallopian tubes) this method is chosen. The mature egg cells are joined with the male sperms in the laboratory. Should the egg cells be fertilized and divide, they are transplanted into the uterus 2 - 3 days following the aspiration.

IOCSI 3D Intracytoplasmatic sperm injection
This is an additional method of laboratory technology within the framework of an IVF-attempt. One sperm cell is injected directly into the egg cell under the microscope. This method is primarily targeted to circumvent male infertility, e.g. should the sperms be unable to penetrate the egg cell walls, or should too few suitable sperms be detectable from the beginning.

We will be glad to inform you about the methods suitable for you!