The beginning of a new life

Although it cannot be stressed often enough that a pregnancy is no illness, still to a woman it is the most important physical alteration of her life.

Therefore we accompany you during this time providing intensive and close care!

Starting at the beginning of the last period, a pregnancy lasts for approximately 40 weeks. Basically the official document "Mutter-Kind-Pass" provides for five check-ups during this time. Further check-ups, however, make great sense.

These include a case history as regards to possible risk factors (hereditary disease, previous illnesses etc.).

... being well prepared and free of worries and fears is the prerequisite for a wonderful birth experience for yourself and your child!


DVD Ihres Kindes

Auf Ihren Wunsch, fertigen wir auch eine DVD von Ihrem Ungeborenen. Einfach nur zur Freude.