The Climacterium

The quality of life decreases due to the physiological rule of ageing during the menopause. There is no eternal fountain of youth, the most important is to handle the ageing process properly!

Metabolism and thus the basal body metabolism change, to recognize this in its entirety often brings about an essential improvement of possible complaints. The changes within your body can be established by a hormone analysis.

To grant you optimal security, we recommend a vaginal ultrasound examination during each regular check-up in our surgery. This serves to detect cysts and other changes on the uterus and the ovaries or the abdomen, which are often not palpable.

Any gynaecological operations are carried out using the most gentle methods.

Thus we specialize in operations with laparoscopy and treatment of fibroids without classical surgery, like the (UFE 3D Uterine Fibroid Embolisation).